A Letter For Sinderella


99% of women do not know how much they can do within their powers!

In those fairytales, Cinderella was bullied by her stepmother and she was helped by her fairy godmother in order for her to become the princess which every girl dreams about.

In real life, what advice does our Sinderellas need so that they can work flexibly as stated in the video?

Now, we are here to tell you what was not showed in the video.

Dear ladies,

We are here to bring you to a whole new world, a career that is familiar yet strange for you, and this will break your previous impression towards the knowledge of contract cleaning!

Money is not everything, but without money you can do nothing!

I believe employees understand the importance of money. However, once they stop working, they stop earning money. How many of them could still have income without a job?

Perhaps you would say that only elites are able to speak like this, others are just day dreaming of having an income without a proper job.

Is this really the truth?

No!! Today, We are telling you something that you would not have expected, and we have a couple of plans for Sinderellas to earn money!

Yes, you did not get it wrong. We have a way for you to have income, a way to help you when you have quit your bulky, time-consuming job. But this is a job which everyone does not consider at first instance, because it is a low profitable job as compared to other jobs and you will have to put down your ego – a contract cleaner.

You might be surprised and questioned, but please do not worry. Here is a lady which has been working for 7 years as a cleaner and she finally notice the secret to success of this career!!

We have the exclusive news!!

We missed being part of Sinderella’s past but we will
always be there for you in your future!

Sinderella Kleen Sdn. Bhd

Before we introduce our company, we are formerly known as Two Maids & A Bucket Resources. Now, we are a contract cleaning company having an address in Puchong, Selangor since 2011 and provide our best service to our customers.

We started our company with 2 workers, and now we have approximately 60 employees.

We provide our service for cleaning in landed properties, apartments, budget hotels, and office buildings not more than 20 floors.

We gained much experienced based on the past, we learned from our mistakes and we are doing better and better and the job opportunity is now for our Sinderellas.

Layman vs Professional

I used to be a layman. I think that cleaning is an easy job which does not require much effort. I thought that having 2 workers is enough for my company.

But I was wrong, and therefore I suffered a lot during the start of my career.

But today I am not here to talk about the suffer, I am here to enlighten you how can I help in order for you to earn more!

Listen up! It is how am I going to help you earn more!


At first I just want to build a career and make myself rich, but after all these years all I need is your participance!

Most of the Malaysians will not accept to work as a cleaner as they think that it a shameful and degrading job just like what a foreign worker would do.

What can I do? I see money in front of me but I am not able to get it, I feel so helpless!

Brain storming

I have been thinking, what kind or reward do I have to offer in order for you to join my career?

Money?Shall I pay you more?Jobs that require manual labours are expected to get higher pay. For instance, this is a job that requires hard work by your hands, this would be as easy as nailing Jell-O to the wall!

I was helpless and cannot figure of what to do by then.

The worst part

As time goes little by little, the society has been changing vigorously. Smartphones are introduced to the society, people start to use the internet more than phone calls or SMS, social medias are changing the trend of the society and there are different sorts of internet business ideas such as Wechat business, UBER and GRAB, they provide job opportunities for people to have more flexible working hours and this had put us to a disadvantage as our job requires hard manual labour work!

Do not be close minded

We are either growing or rotting. The society is changing too rapidly. In 2015, we noticed that there were different types of businesses introduced. I think it is our chance to change our path and to grow faster.

I have been thinking about my career and its pros and cons. After all that analysis and experiments, I see hope in my career!

I have an unexpected way which I can make everyone dreams come true, to help people earn money without a full time job but this is really hard to achieve. How would people believe that this idea comes from working as a cleaner!

And therefore, may I address you all as Sinderella.

Do what others won’t today, and tomorrow you can do what others can’t

Let’s see what are your rewards when you do what other people are not willing to do!

How to get a regular income?

In order for a laymen to look at the professional side,we shall first let you know the nature of the job. Cleaning is a never ending cycle.

The truth is:
When residents stay in a property it must get dirty, messy, and filled with debris. Of course you will not expect to buy a new property once it gets dirty, you clean the house!

What comes worse?
After you have cleaned the house, it gets dirty again after a few days! You will never get away with the dirtiness (it gets dirty even if no one is living in the house!)

I think you can see the picture now. Cleaning is a never ending cycle!

Which side will you choose?

For the employees’ side:
The work load is too much!
I can never finish it!

For the company’s side:
Customer purchase our service once a week, it will be 4 times a month!

If we are calculating it on a monthly basis, 1 client is equivalent to 4 clients in other working sectors!

This is because we charge our client based on every session. Therefore, the client will be paying us for 4 sessions. 4 times per month and we are earning it each and every month!

Did you ever see people buying 4 washing machines every month? I don’t think so!

However for cleaning service, clients subscribe at least 4 or 5 times a month, and they are requesting it every month!

Back to reality

Until this part of the story, you might ask: isn’t it high profitable for a contract cleaning company?
Apparently, yes it is.

Please be aware that the one that is having high profit is the company, the board of directors, not you! Not your turn yet!


The good news

The lucky girl that reads this article has an opportunity to earn more money. The reward that Sinderella gets is not about present, it is also about the future. You can use this platform to earn money for your future needs, this can completely help you besides working as a full time!

The key

Sinderella might be seen as a cleaner, but this is
actually a converse of identity!

From employee to employer

Don’t worry, this is not a money investment, you don’t have to pay in order to join our company!

What you have to do is to apply as a member of Sinderella and to attend training from us.

The Conversion

1. You are in control of your own income. You are the boss. Apparently you are the one that makes the decision how much you want to get. You decide your own income. Please take note that you do not need to pay for this job opportunity.

2.Before you are completely free from the agony, you can get 80% of the cleaning service pay. Therefore, customer’s satisfaction is very important when you are providing the service.

What you cannot be unaware of

The video has stated that Sinderellas can create their own teams. This right is granted by our company in order for you to have your own team members and to get your second income.

The importance of second income

There are 2 systems:

  1. Do more gain more
    Sinderellas get 80% of the pay our each cleaning session.
  2. Commission (Team based)
    For example you need RM6000 for your monthly expenses, then it is suggested that you to work hard for your second income so that you can just give up your first way of income.

Giving up your first income simply means that you do not have to provide cleaning service by yours hands anymore. However, you can have your income based on your commission (i.e. second income) This would be what we said at first, you do not have to work a full time job for money!

The last mission

After you have become a Sinderella, your way of income comes in two ways, you can get more pay easily.

But we have a problem here, you will not be able to add on your physical ability (i.e. manual work)!

We are eagerly finding a way to settle your biggest problem: tiredness!

In order to tackle this problem, the most direct way is to reduce your working days from 6 days to 3.5 days! This can help Sinderellas to have more time to rest and to be more flexible in arranging their time.

Expect the unexpected

In our 3.5 working days plan, we figured out that this is what most employees dreamt of.

You get to choose which day to work and when to rest. It’s so flexible!

You might have enquiries:

1Is this a money game or a direct sale?

Absolutely not!This is a platform that we share our profits!(Such as UBER)

2Do I have to pay in order to join?

No, it’s free to join.

3What is Sinderella’s job scope?

Sinderella’s basic job scope is to adapt customer’s needs especially on cleaning service, you are not required to cook or take care of senior citizens, but our company does not object if Sinderella voluntarily provides such service.

4Where is the working location?

Sinderella’s workplace is just approximately 10km within your residential area so that you do not have to travel too far for work.

5Who is in charge of the working timetable?

Sinderellas arrange their own timetables. We understand that you have your own life especially for those ladies that have children.

6How long is it for each cleaning session?

Each cleaning session is 4 hours per customer.

7What is the age requirement?

There is no age requirement, you just have to be physically fit.

8Does the company provide basic training?

Yes, we require every Sinderella to have proper basic training before meeting their customers.

9Do I need to pay for the training?


10How is Sinderella’s money paid?

Sinderellas will be paid via bank transfer on a weekly basis.

11Do I have to prepare my own cleaning equipment?

No, it is essential to only use the equipment in the customer’s unit, this is to prevent dissemination of bacteria.

We need you!

Now, what you need to do is just to click the red button below and become our Sinderella!