A Letter For Customer



Home cleaning service is used all year round, but are you sure you are using it correctly?


Working from nine to five is tiring. It will be more tiring when you realise there’s a lot of unsettle messy chores when you back home. The purpose of spending money on services is to reduce your workload. Most of the customers know how to buy the service but might use it wrongly. You can figure out whether the following situations happens to you.

If this happens to you, it indicate that you're not using it in the right way.

  • Do you clean up the mess by yourself which supposedly completed by the hired cleaner?
  • Cleaner changed from time to time which cause uncertainty ?
  • Facing fear of losing valuable items due to the cleaner’s dishonesty behaviour?
  • Planned schedule delayed due to the cleaner unpunctuality or inefficiency?

If these following circumstances exist, you are encouraged to finish this article

Dear customers:

House cleaning service is actually spending money to get someone to keep your house clean and tidy in temporary. The purpose of this service is to let you feel relaxed.

However,if the above situation has existed, it seem like the services are not worth the money. We do understand your situation when there is a new problem come right after another problem.

Nothing is insolvable in this world!

In order to get rid of wasting money on unsatisfied services, you have to make yourself clear about the three following key points which could make sure you get your money’s worth.
1What is housework?

Housework is everything in the house that has something to do with you. Is it possible to figure out the amount of workload?

No,it’s Countless!

Housework is an endless cycle, so do not expect to settle all job in one service, which supposedly completed in three months times.

In order to save time and increase the cleaner’s efficiency, you are advised to do time management and division of job for your Sinderella.

2Service personnel

Select a Sinderella that can communicates with you. We are appreciate if you are willing to granting a chance for our Sinderella to understand your demand regarding to household chores by the first 3 services.

Please keep in mind that household chores are jobs that repeated regularly. We believe you are glad to have someone who understands your demand regarding household chores.

(We will explain the reason why a Sinderella is willing to fully cooperates with you later.)

3Provide appropriate cleaning tools

Our platform is to provide you an exclusive Sinderella. At the same time, we wish you to provide appropriate cleaning tools for them.

Your Exclusive Sinderella

We address all the service personnel as Sinderella.

We believe that most probably you had watched the introduction video which explain on how the new income system improve users’s satisfaction.

Your exclusive Sinderella will serve you roughly 3-5 years, and another new Sinderella will be ready to serve you after this.

We offer Sinderella a platform where all of their efforts will affect their current and future income. This means that Sinderella will only achieve higher return when you are truly satisfied with their service.

All Sinderella are Malaysian, and real-named registered

Sign up as a Customer

Click to fill up your details such as contact information and address.

You are allowed to select Sinderella who stay nearby your area and preview their working timetable.

Please note that

Provided that each Sinderella is only in charged of maximum seven regular customers .

Select your ideal Sinderella as soon as possible to enjoy their service.


1How to book services?

Users must sign up an account on our website, then the system will automatically show the Sinderella that nearby you and their respective schedules.

2Do users have to pay directly on the website?

What you have to do is just select your Sinderella and the date of service on the website.Our customer service will contact you to make a double confirmation. After that, users are able to make payment via online banking.

3How should users select the right Sinderella?

We know that most of the users will make decision based on the result of the current or the first service. However, this might not the best idea. The reason why is because housework is a task that have to be repeated weekly or within a specified time, so we strongly encourage users to select their exclusive Sinderella based on their communication method or language which is same to you.

Home cleaning service is not only a long-term task, but also a flexible task for users at different stages and under different circumstances. So that,it is very important for your Sinderella to understand the users' preferences.

4What are the common misunderstandings of users?

Sinderella is not your family member. Of course, they do not know which corner the cleaning kit is placed in your home or what detail you really care about. So don't assume that Sinderella knows the habits of you and your family without being told.

Allow Sinderella to know your requirements for housework to ensure that you get comfortable service.

5Tips on how to let a Sinderella to do more works in 4 hour?

We know that there are a lot of houseworks. As a home owner, you can offer help to remove some of the clutter. So that, Sinderella can put important tasks as priority and complete in possible shortest time.

They can do more under your help.

6Can I order Sinderella to wash clothes?

Yes, but keep in minds that, Sinderella will only provide 4 hours service time in total. Users are free to decide whether it is worth or not.

7How can Sinderella reach your house in the possible shortest time?

In order to shorten their time to arrive your home, you are encouraged to inform them the best or most convenient place to park their vehicle.Clearly inform them the exact location of the security guardhouse and the entrance of your building.

8Is there any price discount for signing up as a regular user or purchasing more services?
  1. We desperately desire to provide discounts, especially for loyal users. However, anyhow, services industry is different with the sales of products.Products can be manufactured 24 hours without stop, so it is normal to have discount for buying more. In comparison,we can't break the law of nature, the limit hours of a day, in service industry. It is almost impossible for a man to work 24 hours a day. That’s why service industry usually don’t come with discount even more purchase.
  2. In order to fill the gap, we launched a new innovative income system. With this income system, the quality of service will able to be improved,which defeat the traditional cleaning companies at the same time.