Mission: Locals for Locals

All Sinderella are Malaysian, and real-named registered with Malaysia IC.

There is always a common misunderstanding that home cleaning service is considered as super simple job, but actually not. This is a combination of labour force and brains. Employed cleaners have to race against the clock and face all kinds of unexpected situations.

In fact, the most difficult task about household cleaning is that it is impossible to standardize the quality of service, due to the different internal layout of every house. Also, every users own different characteristics and preferences, so that the standard of quality will be different from person to person based on user satisfaction. This means, all service personnel have to possess various skills to take responsibility in this kind of job.

In the past, the income of service personnel would not increase because of the satisfaction of a certain user, nor would it decrease because of the dissatisfaction. So this means that the traditional income system cannot improve the satisfaction of users, even if more tools or training are added does not help.

Values & Belief

A company is merely providing a job when the staff's contribution is not proportional to the income.

However, it is said that a company is providing a platform for the staff to transform once the contribution is directly proportional to the income.

In order to improve users' satisfaction, we formulate and launch a system that attract endless income to intense Sinderella's autonomous and spontaneous to achieve users' satisfaction.

Shoot for the moon

This new income system able to stimulate Sinderella creating the most appropriate arrangements for your household chores as the amount of their profit based on your level of satisfaction.

Increase the income level of Malaysia, and move towards to advanced countries. Malaysia boleh!

There are many problems with foreign workers, and our government had made drastic reforms to solve these problems.

As Malaysian, we strike our best to help country by ours own strength by providing the best solution for locals users on household chores which is reducing the dependence on foreign workers and thus create employment opportunities for Malaysian

How It Works?

Register your account.
After registration, you will see the schedule of Sinderella in the same area as you.
You will be able to choose Sinderella directly from the schedule
Submit the order and completed.

For orders dropped BEFORE 3 p.m., customer service will contact you on the same business day.
For orders dropped AFTER 3 p.m., customer service will contact you within 1 working day to confirm your order.

Price Of The Service Of A Sinderella

Service scope Included/not included

  • Basic housework includes
    Living room, Dining hall, Kitchen, Bed room, Bathroom & Vacuum/mop the floor
  • Service Not Included
    Pet Care, Car Wash & Gardening
  • Additional services (depends on Sinderella )
    Window / Grills, Ceiling fan, Cloth ironing, Simple cooking & Replacement of bed sheets
    (no extra charge, according to the original standard time)
  • Service premise
    Home & Office
  • Not included
    Factory, New home renovation , Abandoned house (empty house) & Rental housing


1Where do Sinderella come from?
All Sinderella are Malaysian citizens. We do not employ any foreign workers.
2Can I change the service date after the order is placed?
Yes. Please let us know so we can change the correct service date for you.
3Should I notify Sinderella or the company if I need to change the service date?

If you already have a fixed Sinderella, directly notify Sinderella.

If you do not have a fixed Sinderella, please notify the company directly. There is a company contact number on the website.

4Can I choose the same Sinderella to clean my home regularly?
Yes. We are happy to arrange the same Sinderella for Package users.
5Is user free to choose or replace Sinderella?
Yes. All users have the right to choose Sinderella.
6Who is responsible for the cleaning tool?
We encourage all home owners to provide own cleaning tools in order to prevent the spread of bacteria
7Is there any foreign worker?
We guarantee that no foreign workers here.
8How do I pay?
All payment must made via online banking/ online transfer. Our customer service will reach you once you complete the online booking.